Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day and First Swim

I'm speaking for Mark, but I believe he had a nice Father's Day. We made him his favorite for Breakfast this morning- Bacon! Arianna was in her glory, because she can't get enough of it either.
We just had a relaxing rest of the day for the most part. After church we just came home and had him open his gifts and then we watched the race.

The kids were excited, because the pool was finally ready to swim so today was the first swim of the season. It's been cooler here, but the girls were determined to swim today. I think pictures of their faces will sum up the temp:

Nick was a bit less dramatic- but he didn't stay in very long at all:

The girls stayed in for quite awhile and swam on and off through the afternoon.

After they got out, Mark stuck the hose in to put some more water in, because it needed just a bit more. Well later in the afternoon all of a sudden Mack starts barking like crazy and we hear this very loud woosh!
We jump up and look outside and see water flying over the top of the pool- I thought it had popped- so much water was coming out!
Turns out it just overflowed- so now the hose is back in and we'll be watching it a bit closer this time!!

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Bonnie said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all ! I laughed when I read that his favorite breakfast was BACON !! Hilarious !!! But, I love bacon too !!

You know, it isn't Father's Day in Australia ?? We celebrate the same Mother's Day but not the same Father's Day. I'm glad you reminded me though ... since my Dad lives in the States, I should wish him a Happy Father's Day !!

I've moved my blog. Here's where you can find me and the details of why ...

Mari said...

Looks like a great day. Bob would have loved bacon for breakfast too, but he got it tonight for supper. I made turkey, bacon and swiss spaniel's.

I'm Sadie said...

I made Randall's favorite breakfast too and it was bacon & sausage! That's too funny! Glad you guys had a good day! I am so behind on your blog....sorry! Looks like the pool was fun, although chilly!

Terri said...

Chelsea and Shaelyn were in our pool today too. It's too cold for me to even think about it.

Nice Father's Day pic. I'll have to post mine tomorrow!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Ah yes the dreaded hose! My husband once told me to turn off the hose when he had to go to bed early one night because of work! The next morning he asked me about it and I shot out of the chair and outside immediately! Can you tell what I forgot to do? Needless to say the pool was full!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Because of the warmer nights we had this past week our pool is in the 70's and pretty nice. Yesterday was cooler, but our kids swam for a bit.

Bacon...that's the stuff I cracked my tooth on and I only eat it about once a year :( So glad Mark go to enjoy it!

Sounds like your day was sweet.

nickernoodle said...

BBBRRRR!!!! I can def. tell its cold just by their faces! We haven't even made it to the pool yet this year. Its been to chilly. I hope that all changes soon because we bought season passes. UGH.

Sandra said...

Looks like so much fun, I could use that pool right now, we're at 115 degrees and it's scorching outside.

My hubby loves bacon too :)


Dena said...

Happy Happy day!

we put our pool up at the lake this weekend! fabulous!

LeslieW. said...

So much fun!!! We are loving the pool too!